Donald Ellis

Donald G. Ellis is a Professor in the School of Communication at the University of Hartford. His research interests are in the area of ethnopolitical conflict with particular emphasis on communication practices between ethnic groups in conflict. His work seeks to examine the relationship between communication, democracy, groups in political conflict, and dialogue. He is currently involved in research pertaining to dialogue groups between Israeli-Jews and Palestinians. Professor Ellis is the past editor of the journal Communication Theory and the author of numerous journal articles. His most recent book (Peter Lang, 2015) is: Fierce Entanglements: Communication and Ethnopolitical Conflict. Other books include Deliberative Communication and Ethnopolitical Conflict. Transforming Conflict: Communication and Ethnopolitical Conflict; Contemporary Issues in Discourse Processes; Small Group Decision Making; From Language to Communication; and Crafting Society: Ethnicity, Class, and Communication Theory. He has lectured widely and held a Fulbright Fellowship in Israel. Professor Ellis is the recipient of the James Bent Award for scholarship and has been selected as a Fellow in the International Communication Association, as well as summer fellowships at the Ash Center formerly at the University of Pennsylvania and the Schusterman Center at Brandeis University.

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