Building Theory of Ethnic Conflict

My most recent publication can be accessed below. It deals with the way in which ethnicity is socially constructed and its role in theories of communication and ethnic conflict. Below the link for the article is a brief abstract.

building a theory of communication and ethnopolitical conflict-

The impetus for this article is derived from three concerns: The first is to establish the components
of a theory of ethnopolitical conflicts. The second is to develop the relationship
between communication and ethnopolitical conflicts. The third is to predict and ameliorate
ethnopolitical conflicts and violence. I model ethnopolitical conflict along two dimensions:
the level in which the conflict is entered (macro state-level, mid civil society level, and individual
level) and the type of communication most characteristic of the level (bargaining and
negotiation, intergroup relations and intercultural communication, identity theories and
deliberative processes).

About Donald Ellis

Professor Emeritus at the University of Hartford.

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