One Final Attempt at Quality Information before Voting

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During this election, more than any other,  trying to get some facts right is difficult. The below is from a nonpartisan educational organization, that helps everyone to make informed decisions regardless of how or for whom you vote. The degradation of the political process, the volume of ignorance floating around, polarization, and the incivility and impertinence of the candidates is of historic proportions. Most of us never imagined Trump as a Republican candidate and we certainly didn’t imagine the debates – which were supposed to be an informed and intelligent portrayal of the candidates – as a showcase for marital and sexual indiscretions paraded in front of the opponent and the world.

So, I offer the below as the clearest and most objective side-by-side comparison of the candidates and their stance on issues. You may have made up your mind already but at least check your thinking against the information presented.

Presidential Election

1. Compare 2016 Presidential Candidate Positions: A Side-by-Side Comparison Between Candidates on Key Issues

2. 2016 Presidential Election Candidate Quiz – Find Your Match!


3. Should Abortion Be Legal?

4. Top Pro & Con Quotes on Abortion

Felon Voting
5. Should Felons Who Have Completed Their Sentence (Incarceration, Probation, and Parole) Be Allowed to Vote?

6. State Felon Voting Laws
7. Number of People by State Who Cannot Vote Due to a Felony Conviction

Gun Control
8. Should More Gun Control Laws Be Enacted?

9. Top Pro & Con Quotes on Gun Control

10. US Gun Deaths, 1999-2014

11. Should the Government Allow Immigrants Who Are Here Illegally to Become US Citizens?

12. Illegal Immigration, Population Estimates in the United States, 1969-2014

13. Demographics of Immigrants in the United States Illegally
14. Should Marijuana Be a Medical Option?

15. 25 Legal Medical Marijuana States and DC

16. Ranking 20 Drugs and Alcohol by Overall Harm
Minimum Wage
17. Should the Federal Minimum Wage Be Increased?

18. Top Pro & Con Quotes on the Federal Minimum Wage

19. State-by-State Minimum Wage Levels

20. And, just for fun, Top 10 Most Surprising Things in the 2016 Presidential Candidates’ Online Stores

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